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VR Driving
Car Touch Screen
  • Digital transformation forces companies to change their business models and adapt to the new market reality

  • The customer is driving this change

  • Today consumers expect relevant content about what they're doing anytime, anywhere, in the right format, and on their chosen device

  • It's their journey that dictates your strategy

  • Your business must embrace technology to deliver an unmatched customer experience to keep up with the new kind of always-connected customer

  • 35% of business executives claim that digital transformation helps them to meet customer expectations and improve operational efficiency

  • 38% of executives plan to invest in more technology to make it their competitive advantage

  • In 2018, the net global spending on digital transformation was approximately $1 trillion

  • That number will increase to more than $2.5 trillion in 2023

  • 79% of companies admit that COVID-19 increased the budget for digital transformation

  • And 70% of organisations already have a digital transformation strategy or working on one

  • Progress revealed that in 2022, 47% of companies hadn't started their digital transformation  

  • 59% of companies are worried that it might be too late for them

  • 55% of businesses believe they have less that a year before they start to suffer financially and lose market share 

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