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1. Illustrate the customer journey

  • A customer journey map outlines every action your customers go through when interacting with your company

  • Engagements that extend beyond just purchasing the product:

    • Social media management​

    • Online advertising

    • Customer services cases

  • When building your map, consider a range of perspectives from your internal stakeholders​

  • Essential to account for both the pre and post-sale aspects of the customer experience

  • By mapping out the interactions into one spectrum, it is easier for employees across your organisation to visualise the overall customer experience and needs

2. Equip and uplift your employees

  • If employees think they don't have the tools necessary to do their job efficiently or feel under-appreciated, it can affect their ability to perform

  • To uplift your employees when current customer experiences aren't up to par, you can:

    • Identify common employee pain points through employee feedback tools​

    • Review current systematic process (from contact centre protocol to CRM software)

    • Amend processes to foster a more positive customer experience

  • It's also possible for customer experience to dampen from employees not meeting the expectations that the company culture promises​

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3. Audit the customer experience from multiple internal perspectives

  • You mustn't focus on only one department when conducting a customer experience audit

  • To gain a complete picture of CX, you will need to consider the unique perspective of each one of your internal departments

  • Marketing:

    • Your Marketing team is solely focused on customer acquisition, thus working blind​

    • They will have the best insight into brand awareness and user expectations

    • Surveying your marketing team will help you understand how people find your business and what you can do to better shape your reputation leading up to sale

  • Sales:​

    • They have the insights into early stages of the customer relationship​

    • Team members have information on the daily challenges that customers encounter daily

    • Suggestions on how customers expect your product or service to address these roadblocks

    • Your sales team can help you understand what your product offer led to that missed opportunity for the leads that don't convert to customers

  • Customer Service:

    • It's important to know that what you're communicating in your sales and marketing processes aligns with your customers' actual experiences​

    • Your customer service and success team can provide insight into this reality, as they're typically the first line of communication for feedback and product frustration​​

    • Welcome their respective on what is causing the most problems for your customers

4. Dedicate a clear focus to the initiative

  • It's vital demonstrate a clear focus on your new initiatives to your entire company

  • Dedicate someone to the execution of your customer experience plans

  • It will be their job to:

    • Communicate changes​

    • Facilitate operations

    • Organise research analysis

    • Perform any necessary actions

  • The Economist Intelligence Unit revealed in new research that companies prioritising customer experience more often demonstrate higher revenue growth​

  • Investing early in your customer experience strategy can end up paying off for your business down the road

  • You may see more senior leadership hesitation rooted in their traditional approach

  • Rally these employees to get on board as it will demonstrate a consistent show of support for change at higher levels of your company

  • Three detrimental roadblocks:

    • Inconsistent interactions between the company and your customers​

    • Stating information that could be potentially helpful to customers or employees

    • Lack of support from employees

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5. Personalise interactions with customers

  • 'Personalise' can take on many different meanings

  • Personalising experiences for your customer can help form a bond between the brand and the buyer

  • Personalisation doesn't have to be a discount; it can take on many forms:

    • Thank you letter or emails to customers after purchase​

    • Customer follow-up surveys

    • A dynamic website offers based on user preferences

6. Distribute customer experience data to your entire team

  • Necessary that everyone has access to your findings

  • Keeping your employees in the loop regarding the conclusions you have found from your research will help your team optimise daily internal processes:

    • Customer routing​

    • Workflow automation

    • Client tagging

  • Distributing customer insights across your entire company can also help:​

    • Address customer needs faster​

      • Having data regarding where your customers are likely to face obstacles will help your team prevent user frustration and smooth over any confusing pain points in the customer's journey​

    • Improve product/service quality:​

      • By having leaders and contributors from your success team, meet with your product team, you can review top support ticket categories to identify the most common issues related to usability​

    • Increase upsell opportunities:​

      • Your sales team will have an easier time identifying upselling opportunities​

      • They can pinpoint specific opportunities on the customer's timeline

      • Reach out with re-engagement initiatives which can increase overall revenue over time

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7. Learn from churn when it happens

  • If you can generate a 5% increase in customer retention, you can increase your company's profits by 25% to 95%.

  • Use in-App analytics to analyse areas of the customer experience where there is low engagement

  • Low engagement typically suggests a higher risk of customer churn

  • Create an engagement correlation that can help you identify which customers are most likely to churn

  • Use App analytics to determine what engagement percentage will result in the highest likelihood of churn

  • Set up a monitoring system to alert your customer success team if a customer approaches that value

  • Opportunity to proactively reach out to solve a problem before it's too late

  • Find out why they decide to move on

  • Provide multiple channels for customers to leave feedback and take their opinions seriously

  • It would help if you wanted to hear about the instances where your company came back short

8. Consider customer experience with UX/UI design

  • Before a potential customer makes it to a customer support rep, they will research before formally reaching out for help

  • Your company website must be easy to navigate and clear in its offerings

  • 88% of users are less likely to return to a website after a bad user experience

  • Have you engineers or marketing team optimise your digital domain

  • Begin their customer journey on a positive note

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