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The Best Customer Experience Strategies Are Invisible

Updated: Apr 3

The Best Customer Experience Strategies Are Invisible

Have you heard of the Iceberg Theory? It stems from the writing style of Ernest Hemingway, who believed the underlying meaning of stories shouldn’t be visible on the surface.

What Lies Beneath

The Iceberg Theory is similar to another premise in design that argues that effective strategy is 99% invisible. The hypothesis suggests that great designers should consider problems from every angle so the user doesn’t have to.

Approach customer experience strategy in the same way.

Excellent customer experience takes work. Depending on your organization, you may have to sit through meetings, phone calls, demos, conferences, and discussions—before your effort reaches a single customer. And once you have a customer experience management plan, there’s even more work to do. You’ll have to worry about adoption, straightening the kinks in your closed-loop feedback systems, engaging employees, and measuring your actions and results.

Here’s the funny part: If you’re doing it right, the bulk of your effort will be invisible to your customers.

That doesn’t mean that the work is for nought. It just means that the customer only sees the result. They see what’s above the surface—without knowing how it got there or what’s holding it up.

We hope that’s as exciting to you as it is to us. The results of our work are so customers can experience the very best you have to offer, with no evidence of the PowerPoint slides, Voice of the Customer alerts, or tooth-and-nail effort that brought it into being.

Growing Into Your Customer Experience

Your improvement may occur at variable speeds because of the nature of business and customer feedback management. You’ll address some customer issues and see immediate results, while others will take much more time and commitment to turn around.

But no matter who you work with or how you plan on improving, the goal should be to grow into your ideal experience. Ensure that your 99% underwater energy doesn’t go to waste. Make your perfect 1% stand tall, so your customers can appreciate it.

If your business would like help navigating customer experience in 2024, get in contact with us to discuss further:

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