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Customer surveys fall short as a management tool for measuring CX performance and identifying and acting upon CX opportunities.

Surveys increasingly need a comprehensive view of the entire customer journey and the ability to obtain deep grammar insight on what is driving customer experience

They need immediate and individual signals to take action "at that moment".

To create relevant experiences for each customer, they need to demonstrate that the experience enhancements they would like to invest in will result in positive ROI

Four flaws of today's survey-based CX measurement systems:

  • Limited - 7% of customer's voices are shared with CX leaders

  • Reactive - 13% of CX leaders are confident that their organisation can take action on CX issues in near real-time

  • Ambiguous - 16% of C leaders think that surveys allow them to address route causes of performance

  • Unfocused - 4% of CX leaders believe their CX measurement system enables them to calculate a decision's return on investment

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